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A Cannes Lions Jury Presents The Art of Branded Entertainment

How is the world of advertising changing

The world of advertising is changing profoundly. Users now dodge invasive advertising, which interrupts their entertainment. Old techniques no longer work, it is not enough to flood the consumer with messages that promote our product. We need to create an advertisement that almost doesn't look like an advertisement, but an entertainment product. The Cannes Lions is the most coveted advertising award in the world, and the jury that chose the 2017 winners tells us about this great transformation, and the stories of the protagonists who are changing the advertising world.

A Cannes Lions Jury Presents The Art of Branded Entertainment
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Many useful tips to:

  • Find out the hidden stories behind dozens of examples of successful Branded Entertainment .
  • Discover the background of the most coveted advertising award in the world.
  • A direct and in-depth look at new advertising trends, about techniques, platforms and content.

The author of the book:

PJ Pereira is a pioneer in the sectors of advertising and entertainment. His agency, Pereira & O'Dell, created the first social movie ("The Inside Experience") for Intel and Toshiba in 2011. In 2017 he had the honor of being the President of the Jury at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. .

His companions on the Jury come from large companies in the media sector and supported him in writing the book: Ricardo Dias, Gabor Harrach, Marcelo Pàscoa, Monica Chun, Pelle Sjoenell, Luciana Olivares, Misha Sher, Toan Nguyen, Jason Xenopoulos, Tomoya Suzuki, Jules Daly, Marissa Nance, Carol Goll and Samantha Glynne.


What is Cannes Lions?

Cannes Lions is the largest advertising and creativity festival. Each year, the jury analyzes hundreds of hours of content, evaluating criteria such as innovation, creativity, execution, etc.

Over the years, the concept of Branded Entertainment, meaning the production of media content by commercial brands, has increasingly spread. In this type of media, the boundaries between advertising messages and entertainment products merge more and more.

The judges of the 2017 edition gather their comments here, regarding a fresh world full of innovation, which not only dictates how we do marketing today, but also how we will have to do it in the future if we want our voice to be heard over the chorus.


The key ideas of "A Cannes Lions Jury Presents The Art of Branded Entertainment "

What is Cannes Lions?
How has the world of advertising changed over the years?
Branded Entertainment: what it takes to be effective
Sports: a sector of strong interest for advertising
The production and the figures that revolve around an advertisement
Take-home message

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