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Learn the key ideas of the book by Eric Barker

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Almost everything you know about success is wrong!

What makes us successful? What we have been told over the years about success and how to achieve it seemed to make sense, but Barking Up The Wrong Tree questions it all and possibly makes us realise that it is all wrong. In his book, Erik Barker reveals what really determines success and how it is within everyone's reach. By looking at real-life examples we can understand what works and what doesn't, and finally live the life that we desire.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
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Many useful tips to:

  • Find out what makes us successful.
  • Discover the "let it go" strategy.
  • Find the right work-life balance.

The author of the book:

Eric Barker is the creator of the entertaining blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree, where he uses scientific data and expert analysis to demonstrate how to be fantastic in every area of your life.He is a sought-after speaker, and has given talks at MIT, Yale, Google and on television.


What leads us to success?

What is it that truly makes us successful? We mean real success in every area of our lives and not just financial success. Which types of behaviour help us to reach our objectives? Let's begin by saying that, even though it seems to make sense, most of what we know about success and most of what we have been taught is mostly wrong.


The key ideas of "Barking Up the Wrong Tree"

What leads us to success?
Do we need to do what we are told to be successful?
Trust is very important for success, only when we overcome our selfishness
Optimism creates determination but alone it is not enough
When to give up
It’s not what you know but who you know
Believe in yourself... but not too much
Choose compassion over self-esteem
Is the work-life balance achievable?
Some tips to help you to start finding the work-life balance straight away
Create a positive cycle that leads to success
Take-home message

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