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Learn the key ideas of the book by Lisa Unwin , Deb Khan

She’s Back

The guide to get back to work after a break

She’s Back is an agile and pragmatic handbook to help women in the difficult task of going back to work after a long break, often due to motherhood and caring for a family. A book based on years of research in various sectors and on the real experience of women who have refused to compromise, and have managed to build a new and gratifying career.
Data, statistics, real-life examples, tools, strategies, techniques and exercises to help be better prepared and stronger for a job market which, if on the one hand is super competitive, on the other is open to new models and offers new opportunities.

She’s Back
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand how the recruiting market really works. Create a story that explains your worth. Mobilize a network that supports your ambitions. Find a job that is good for you.
  • Learn the strategies, tools, techniques and tactics needed to get back to work after a break. Examples, personal stories, lists and exercises designed to give you achievable ideas, and the right motivation.
  • Take advantage of the right time to make a change: thanks to the digital revolution, today we have the opportunity to work in many different and more flexible ways.

The author of the book:

Lisa Unwin is the founder of She's Back, a company whose purpose is to help businesses to access the unique talent of women who return to work after a long break. Former partner of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and Brand and Communication Director of Deloitte, Lisa had a twenty-year long career in business services before founding She's Back.

Deb Khan has combined two successful careers, leveraging her creative arts background. She has a proven track record as a leadership, team performance and change consultant, for numerous companies in various sectors from advertising to the media, from technology to charity, right up to education.


Women and their return to work

Women need to work, and they want to work, they are good at their jobs, they have brilliant careers, but they also want to have children and take care of sick family members, they are also good at this. For thousands of women, finding the balance between work and family becomes impossible. Lack of flexibility at work forces them to choose family, and when circumstances change and they could return to work, they find the door is no longer open.

This book is written for women who have had to interrupt their career, for those who, for any reason, have had to take a step back, and for anyone who hopes to find meaning and balance in their business life.


The key ideas of "She’s Back"

Women and their return to work
The She’s Back manifesto designed for women
A snapshot of the current situation of women and the world of work
The benefits for businesses in hiring a woman
Change mentality to return to the working world
Your CV must tell your story
The strategy to create a useful network to find a new job
The tools for the job market: guidelines for creating a CV, improving your Linkedin profile and preparing for an interview
The plan of attack to re-enter the job market
How to negotiate flexibility
Take-home message

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