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The Now Habit

How to go from procrastination to quality work

The Now Habit offers us a method for overcoming the causes of procrastination and shake off its effects. He uses simple and practical language to explain how we can use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger a positive change, overcome our perfection and fear of failure, use our worry to our advantage and get more done in less time by working in a state of flow. He also suggests ways that we can help other procrastinators to become more productive and efficient.

The Now Habit
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How to understand whether we are procrastinators

How we respond to the following statements (yes or no) can reveal our tendency to procrastinate:

  • life seems like a long to do list that I never get to the end of;
  • I am not realistic about time, I am always late and I struggle to understand how much time has passed and how long it takes me to get something done;
  • I don’t set precise dates to begin a new project;
  • I do not have clear objectives and values;
  • I feel unsatisfied, frustrated or depressed;
  • I worry about being criticised if I make mistakes;
  • my low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness get in the way of me being productive.

The key ideas of "The Now Habit"

How to understand whether we are procrastinators
We procrastinate for temporary relief
The importance of recognising how we spend our time and the dynamics that make us procrastinate
Avoiding procrastination by changing our inner dialogue
Having guilt-free fun so that we can work better
Having the tools to overcome mental blocks and fears that hold us back
The importance of not planning, or planning the leisure time with 30 minutes of focussed work for good measure
Functioning in a state of flow and creativity to work better
Optimising progress and continuing to reinforce positive habits
How to help and manage other procrastinators in our lives
Take-home message

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