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Generating Product Ideas

The process for helping to generate winning business ideas

Good ideas, the ones behind successful products and services, all have one thing in common: they start with someone thinking of a way to solve a problem. The book Generating Product Ideas - Actionable techniques for finding new business ideas begins by showing us how to carry out an effective analysis of people’s needs, and continues by suggesting a process which enables us not to come up with just one or two, but a whole host of good business ideas. In fact, this book can be considered a truly comprehensive resource in which to discover tips and techniques that we can easily put into practice for ourselves: a real manual, in every sense.

Generating Product Ideas
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The foundations: make sure you have a clear idea about the problems you want to solve before getting started

Many CEOs and company founders (even the successful ones) talk about a time when they sat in front of a blank piece of paper and started to jot down different ideas. The truth is, to help come up with more ideas, and above all, to make them succeed, it is best to start with a list of problems you want to solve: each of these could in fact have more than one solution, and so, by taking this as your starting point, the number of potential projects will increase exponentially. Obviously, to choose which problem to focus on, it is essential that you define your target audience; the advice is to choose a group of people and companies that you have something in common with: for coffee lovers it would be easier and more gratifying to serve others who love coffee, people who make it, and who sell it.


The key ideas of "Generating Product Ideas"

The foundations: make sure you have a clear idea about the problems you want to solve before getting started
Ideas are often inspired by a true story: look at your own personal experiences to find things to think about
It is possible to do better than your teachers, you just need to perfect an existing idea by adding something to it to make the most of its potential
Learning to transplant ideas from one context to another: a successful idea could be equally as useful in a different set of circumstances
The good wine is found in the smaller barrels: the niche effect consists of specialising in order to attract the attention of those who usually buy from market giants
Understanding the signals: the methods used to understand what clients want can be found on the Web
Being inspired by certain business models means first deciding how, and then deciding what, to do
Which idea should be at the top of my list? Recognising priorities and choosing the best concept
Take-home message

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