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Mark Coleman
How to get to know yourself better and learn to manage change
Thibaut Meurisse
Understanding how our emotions work and overcoming negativity
Elizabeth A. Stanley
Achieving awareness by healing past trauma
Marc Lesser
Harnessing the power of mindfulness to develop a strong company culture
Danny Penman, Mark Williams
Break free from anxiety and stress to achieve true happiness
Oren Jay Sofer
How to communicate with awareness and empathy
Thich Nhat Hanh
Achieving greater awareness through silence
Andy Puddicombe
How to make mindfulness part of our everyday lives
Gennaro Romagnoli
Concentrating on what really matters in life
Francine Jay
Learn the philosophy of lightness to live a stress-free life
Ryan Holiday
The guide to a calm and successful life
Kelly McGonigal
How to manage stress and transform it into a strength
Dave Alred
Learn to handle stress, harness energy, and perform when it counts

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To be successful, you have to be happy. We cannot think of living a truly fulfilling and motivated life if we do not nurture our happiness and self-awareness.

Yes, but happiness must be recognized as well as built. Maybe we are in a happy moment and we don't even realise it, because we are too busy judging ourselves, which is where “mindfulness” comes into play.

What is mindfulness and how is it able to strengthen us? Among the many descriptions, that of Jon Kabat-Zinn's, defines mindfulness as a state of mind in which we are able to perceive ourselves without self-judgment.

In a detached way then we look at ourselves in the present moment by cultivating the "here and now".

In this way, day after day, we learn to be happy.


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