Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

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How to develop marketing and communication skills

The same story every month: you want to expand your library with a new marketing book, maybe a book in English, to be read in the spare time and that quickly gives you new ideas to be applied in your work. Then the search on Amazon starts: “Do I get a book that talks about marketing in the strict sense? Or is it better a book that deepens digital marketing? Or a book on communication? What were the best marketing books of 2019? " And so on with dozens of other questions, before finding a title that truly inspires you. When the book arrives at home, it often happens that by browsing the first pages you already understand that it is an null purchase. Finding the perfect book for you can be difficult, while buying dozens of books just to let them pick up dust is a waste of time and money.

There is a faster and more effective method for developing your marketing and communication skills.

Marketing and communication books on 4books

4books offers you an alternative that is as simple as it is effective. Our library consists of the best marketing and communication books, the best web marketing and strategic marketing books, analyzed and condensed into content-rich pills and immediately actionable suggestions. You can learn the key ideas of the best marketing books as you prefer: you can read our analyzes and you can listen to them directly on the 4books website or app, or you can download the pdf file and organize your library as you wish.

4books selects and condenses the best international marketing and communication books for you

So no more doubtful purchases, endless audiobooks and the waste of time and money. With 4books you're safe. We evaluate dozens and dozens of marketing books every month and, through an accurate and data-based process, we select only the most significant international texts, analyze them and condense them so that you can get only the best in the shortest time possible.