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Bill Gates
Some effective tools to help us beat climate change
Rob Dietz , Dan O'Neill
Economic management in a world with diminishing resources
Nathan Latka
The 4 rules to follow to get rich
Colin Mayer
How businesses have evolved over time
Stephanie Kelton
Positively redefining the well-known concept of budget deficit
Charles Wheelan
A deeper understanding of economics and its value
Joseph Stiglitz
The threat posed by modern society
Caroline Criado Perez
The analysis of an unbalanced world in favour of men
Michael Lewis
The story of a group of visionaries who broke Wall Street
A. V. Banerjee , E. Duflo
Taking stock of the socio-economic problems we face today
Sheelah Kolhatkar
The biggest inquest of insider trading on Wall Street
Robert Tercek
Understanding digitalisation to avoid being vaporized
Branko Milanović
How the capitalist system is organised
Ben Mezrich
The story of the people that built a financial empire with Bitcoin
C. M. Christensen, E. Ojomo , K. Dillon
Focusing on innovation to dig a country out of poverty
Joseph Stiglitz
How the capitalist system works and what are our prospects for the future
Ken Auletta
The tools used by advertising to capture consumers
Noam Cohen
Silicon Valley: political power and the demolition effect
Dambisa Moyo
How Democracy Influences Economic Growth
S. Westlake , J. Haskel
Intangible investments and economic development

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