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Tom Hopkins
How to become and effective salesperson
Blair Enns
12 steps to beat the competition in the creative sector
Deepak Malhotra
Learn how to negotiate in difficult situations
Drew Eric Whitman
Psychology applied to advertising
William Ury, Roger Fisher
How to negotiate effectively
Roger Dawson
How to become an effective negotiator
Frank Bettger
The secret to becoming an extraordinary salesperson
Zig Ziglar
How altruism can help us become successful sales people
Zig Ziglar
How to become a successful sales professional
Shelle Rose Charvet
Communicating using the language of influence
David A. Fields
The guide to acquiring and to growing your number of clients
D. Stone, B. Patton, S. Heen
Managing arguments without stress
Meera Kothand
The method for planning and optimizing content that sells
Jordan Belfort
Effective communication to close every sale
Martin E. Latz
What can we learn from Donald J. Trump? How to negotiate
Christopher Voss, Tahl Raz
How to become an expert negotiator, and an economic one!
Ryan Serhant
How to stand out in the art of sales
R. Dreeke, C. Stauth
A counterintelligence expert’s 5 rules for success
Oren Klaff
How to communicate so that you never get a NO answer

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How to learn the art of selling and negotiating effectively

To be successful business it is essential to know how to sell and negotiate. There are in fact many effective sales techniques and as many negotiation techniques, such as pnl techniques, persuasion techniques and anchoring techniques . To learn how to sell, however, a lot of practice is necessary: in addition to mastering the theory, you must also know how to relate with others and empathize with them.

It can therefore be counterproductive to buy dozens of books and courses on direct or telephone sales techniques, business negotiation techniques or even persuasive communication techniques . The truth is that you need all that, to the extent that you can then apply it with your prospects or customers.

So why waste time looking for books on the art of selling and negotiating, if you can't turn all that theoretical knowledge into practical ideas?

Sales and Negotiations books on 4books

4books offers you an alternative that is as simple as it is effective. Our library consists of the best books on sales and negotiation techniques, analyzed and condensed into pills rich in content and suggestions that can be immediately activated.

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