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David Coulthard
Get inspired by Formula 1 to improve your business
James Bidwell
100 inspiring lessons in business innovation
Jonathan Mac Donald
How to plan your business for perpetual success
John Rossman
Get inspired by Amazon to become a digital company
Arin N. Reeves
How to Create a Customized Business Strategy
Paul Jarvis
Why staying small in business is a great idea
Aaron Dignan
Why and how you should reform your business organization
Seth Godin
How to sell and be seen through marketing
Matt Watkinson
The decision-making tool for any business (including yours)
R. Garrett Hoffman , C. Yeh
The Lightning-fast Path to Building Billion-dollar Companies
Sarah Kessler
How the Gig Economy will revolutionize the workforce
Melissa Agnes
How to manage and limit the impact of a crisis
Scott Galloway
The hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google
Jason Schreier
Stories of success and turbulence behind video game development
Jeanne Bliss
Turn your customers into avid fans and improve your business
Ryan Holiday
The art of making and marketing products that last

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How to develop a correct strategy for your company

Whether you have a family business or you are part of the management of a multinational company, it does not change much: you need a strategy. Actually not just one, you need to develop a strategic mindset that allows you to better manage your daily life.

It is vital for a company to have a strategic direction, and it is equally vital to have an organization that knows how to follow it every day. Building the right strategy is therefore crucial to the success of your business.

How do you create the right strategy for your business? By studying, experimenting and perfecting your aim, a process that never ends and is much more practical than theoretical. The only ones who can spend days and days in the corporate management books are the professors and the students: therefore it is not worth buying closed-top corporate management books on Amazon.

Fortunately, there is a more practical method to learn the basics of business, strategy and business direction.

The best books on business and strategy on 4books

4books offers you a simple and effective alternative if you want to have time to study theory and apply practice. Our library is made up of the best books on business, the best books on business strategy and direction, analyzed and condensed into pills rich in content and suggestions of great value.

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