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Ian Pribyl
How to build a successful online business
Tamara Jacobi
Turn your passion into a business
E. L. Botelho , K. R. Powell
Discover what the world’s great CEOs are made of
Yvon Chouinard
The adventurous tale of Yvon Chouinard and of Patagonia
Jason Lauritsen
Unlocking our potential at work
Renée Mauborgne , W. Chan Kim
How to create a market and make the competition irrelevant
Steven Johnson
How to be creative and innovative
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
How our lives are governed by improbable events
Ash Maurya
The Lean Startup process to solidify new business ideas
R. G. Hagstrom
The Story of the investor Warren Buffett
Claude C. Hopkins
Discover the principles of scientific advertising
David L. Rogers
How to survive the transformation into the digital age
Thomas T Nagle , Georg Müller
How to put together the perfect selling price
Russel Brunson
A guide to developing profitable online sales strategies
John Warrillow
How to create or convert to a subscription business
Minter Dial , Caleb Storkey
Making the most of the new digital world to raise our game and achieve success
Phil Knight
The story of the founder of Nike
Helio Fred Garcia
Acquire ‘mental readiness’ when faced with a crisis
J. H. Gilmore, B. Joseph Pine II
Including the provision of an experience in company strategy
Yossi Sheffi
Learning to manage unforeseen events

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How to develop a correct strategy for your company

Whether you have a family business or you are part of the management of a multinational company, it does not change much: you need a strategy. Actually not just one, you need to develop a strategic mindset that allows you to better manage your daily life.

It is vital for a company to have a strategic direction, and it is equally vital to have an organization that knows how to follow it every day. Building the right strategy is therefore crucial to the success of your business.

How do you create the right strategy for your business? By studying, experimenting and perfecting your aim, a process that never ends and is much more practical than theoretical. The only ones who can spend days and days in the corporate management books are the professors and the students: therefore it is not worth buying closed-top corporate management books on Amazon.

Fortunately, there is a more practical method to learn the basics of business, strategy and business direction.

The best books on business and strategy on 4books

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