Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships

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Learn how to best enjoy your relationships and your sexuality

As the saying goes, man is a social animal, and if we really want to let our social spirit reign free, whether it be in our friendships or in our lovelife, we have to learn how to build rewarding relationships.

These days, the ability to enjoy meaningful relationships cannot be taken for granted; we are all profoundly different from one another, we all have our own problems, personal aspirations and individual life stories. Opening up to others, in all its forms, is a sacred act, requiring a level of knowledge and commitment, which over time has been lost, and to such an extent that we now need to be re-educated on how to make the most of both our relationships and our sexuality.

There is an ever increasing number of experts sharing their knowledge on this subject, and more and more books are being published on how to build healthy relationships and learn empathy, rational communication and sexual expression. At the same time, we each have different needs, and the likelihood of us buying a book that doesn't quite suit our requirements is still high.

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4books has the answer, and it is as simple as it is effective: our compilation of the best books available on sexuality and all kinds of relationships, whether they be romantic, platonic, or professional, which we have carefully selected, studied, and condensed into bite-sized nuggets, containing a wealth of information, go-to tips and practical suggestions.

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