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Brené Brown
How to turn a failure into a moment of growth
Malcolm Gladwell
Learn to tell the difference between appearances and reality
Gary Chapman
Actions and words to say “I love you”, without actually saying it
Kelly McGonigal
The importance of willpower and self-awareness
Charles Duhigg
Improve your life by changing your habits
Giulio Cesare Giacobbe
Get to know yourself (and couples) better
Eckhart Tolle
Learning to live our lives to the fullest
Daniel Kahneman
Getting to know our mind’s evaluation systems to avoid making mistakes
David Rock
Overcome distraction and become more productive
Scott Young
Shorten the time it takes to learn absolutely anything
Rob Bogue, Terri Bogue
How to avoid burnout and manage stress
Daniel Goleman
Training our social intelligence and building happy relationships
Jordan Bernt Peterson
How to take back control of your life
P. Borzacchiello, L. Mazzilli
Improve your communication skills and all your interactions
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Enhance your mind’s full potential to get the best out of life
Robert Cialdini
How the human mechanisms of conditioning and persuasion work
Nick Littlehales
How to improve the quality of your sleep
Pietro Trabucchi
Training for resistance by taking examples from the world of sport
Viktor E. Frankl
How Logotherapy can help the psychological condition of a prisoner
James Allen
Taking control of our thoughts to improve our circumstances

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Nowadays it is very important to be able to rely on psychology notions to improve your daily life both at work and in private life.

Today's increasingly tight rhythms force us to live an increasingly hectic life and it is therefore vital to know how to manage stress, how to become more resilient and how to acquire more self-confidence. This is why it is essential to always have accessible psychology books available, from which you can draw what you need to create the right mindset.

How to choose which psychology book is right for your situation? We often do not have a clear idea of what topics can help us manage our daily lives, and the risk of buying psychology books that do not interest us is quite high.

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