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Childcare is a topic of primary importance for each and everyone of us, and being a parent is arguably the most difficult role an adult may be called to fulfill, without necessarily possessing a naturally parental aptitude.

Taking care of children is, in fact, a responsibility of considerable complexity, especially in today's world, where technology and frenzy seem to have taken over our lives. How to take care of one's children has once again become a topic of debate and discussion: today we have the latest findings in social sciences and psychology, as well as being able to draw on traditional teachings. With a little study and application we can all aspire to be good parents.

In recent years, the topic of childcare has been increasingly the subject of discussion. From keeping an eye on birthrates, to perfecting parenting practices, and taking greater care of family relationships, there are a multitude of books that can educate us on the subject, so it is more important than ever to find a way to discern which ones are most appropriate for our specific situation.

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