History and Philosophy

History and Philosophy

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How history and philosophy can help us understand the times we live in

The world is changing at a vast pace and unless we learn to analyse current times by starting with where it all began and the philosophies behind things, we risk repeating the same mistakes time and again.

Having some knowledge of history and philosophy can shine a light on our awareness and help us to understand what Giambattista Vico called “corsi e ricorsi storici” or the recurrent cycles of human history.

Through the enlightened thoughts of some of the greatest ancient and modern philosophers or through the deeds of great women and men who wrote history we can learn to be in the world, in a fully conscious and present way.

Finding a truly enlightening book on history and philosophy really isn’t that easy: without an adequate selection of sources we risk receiving information that might not be our cup of tea.

The challenge is to select books on history and philosophy that are as engaging as they are enlightening, because let’s face it, we don’t want to fall asleep after the first page! And this is why relying on a selection of books chosen by experts is the only way forward.

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