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Robert Sapolsky
The relationship between biology and human behaviour
Ijeoma Oluo
The unconscious racism rooted in our behaviour
Ibram Xolani Kendi
Behaviour and thinking linked to racism
Mark Reed Levin
A different approach to looking at the press

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Learning about different cultures opens our minds


Times change, as does society, as do our habits and the way we live in general. Humans tend not to give too much thought to culture because it is an integral part of their way of being. Those ways influence culture and culture, in turn, influences their ways.

So how can we gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in our society at any given time? How do we identify important changes in our culture?

Anthropologists spend their entire lives analysing new and old cultural trends, working to understand how living in a particular society influences peoples’ feelings and actions. Reading the work of sociologists and anthropologists can help to broaden our vision and offer us a deeper understanding of the culture that we ourselves are immersed in.

A curated selection of international bestsellers on culture and society can offer us a guide to analysing and understanding the most important struggles our modern society faces for a better comprehension of human beings and the choices we make.



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