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Jack Canfield
Discover the key principles that lead to personal fulfillment
Dale Breckenridge Carnegie
Techniques for managing stress and everyday problems
Zig Ziglar
The power of positive thinking to achieve success
Robert Greene
The laws that govern human nature
Seth Godin
Understand when it is better to stick it out and when you should quit
Kendra Adachi
Find out what really matters to you and focus only on that
Amanda Palmer
How to overcome our fear of being vulnerable and learn the art of asking
Emilie Wapnick
Founding your career plan on your passions
Sheryl Sandberg
How a woman can reach her full potential
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Learning to see the advantage in disorder
MJ DeMarco
Understanding what influences us so we can free ourselves from the Script
Dale Breckenridge Carnegie
How to improve our relationships with other people
Brian Tracy
Becoming successful and achieving our goals
John C. Maxwell
Break down those blockages and achieve your goals
Peter Bevelin
Find out how our brain works to avoid errors of judgement
Jennifer Dulski
How to become a leader that inspires change
Rob Moore
Understand your value and unlock your potential
Elizabeth Day
Follow the example of others to avoid failure
Timothy Ferriss
Tactics, routines and habits of the greatest people in the world
Stephen R. Covey
A guide to personal growth and development

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How to develop your potential and further your personal growth


Developing your potential has become more important than ever in today’s competitive and fast-paced world.

Whether our goal is to grow a business or to improve on a more personal level, we simply cannot afford to ignore this key area of our lives: personal growth.

So what exactly do we mean by personal growth? It would take an entire book to explain the concept in depth, so let’s just sum up by saying that personal growth is the process which enables a person to discover their full potential, to let go of any bad habits and to ‘power up’ their own individual qualities on a continuous, uninterrupted journey of growth.

How do we make good progress in this area? We are know that if we decide to embark on a journey of personal growth, as well as having the theory, we need lots of practice, and it all begins with a little light reading.



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