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Joseph Stiglitz
How the capitalist system works and what are our prospects for the future
Rob Moore
Understand your value and unlock your potential
C. Griffiths , M. Costi
How to resolve problems using creative thinking
Emilie Bellet
Learning to manage your finances and have more money
David Spiegelhalter
Understanding and managing statistics
Isabel Hardman
Getting to know the political system in order to be able to evaluate it
Brittany Hennessy
How to successfully embark on a career as an influencer
Rich Cohen , Jerry Weintraub
The story of Jerry Weintraub and his rise to success
David Coulthard
Get inspired by Formula 1 to improve your business
Allan Dib
Creating an effective marketing strategy on a tight budget
Sam Walton
The success story of billionaire Sam Walton
Rob Moore
Understanding money to earn more and give more
M. Buckingham , A. Goodal
Discover the false beliefs entrenched in the world of work
Ken Auletta
The tools used by advertising to capture consumers
Andrii Sedniev
The secret to creating successful business ideas
Elizabeth Day
Follow the example of others to avoid failure
Meera Kothand
The method for planning and optimizing content that sells
G. Weinberg, L. McCann
The mental models for making better decisions in less time.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Improve the way we communicate through use of empathy


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