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Brian Tracy
Becoming successful and achieving our goals
J. Hoekstra , E. Harding "Rick" Peterson
Key secrets from a few of the greats to help improve our lives
Paola Cane
How to manage a company crisis caused by a faulty product
Venke Sharma , Hushidar Kharas
The guide to managing social media in a crisis situation.
John C. Maxwell
Break down those blockages and achieve your goals
D. Stone, B. Patton, S. Heen
Managing arguments without stress
Jeffrey Pfeffer
How to prevent employee stress and improve performance at work
Branko Milanović
How the capitalist system is organised
Markus Husemann-Kopetzky
A guide to the psychology behind pricing
Jeff Goodell
The consequences of climate change
Cliff Lerner
How to manage the exponential growth of a startup
Verne C. Harnish
The strategy to help a company grow
Tommaso Ebhardt
The story of CEO Sergio Marchionne
Mike Michalowicz
How to make your business profitable
Nat Greene
The techniques for effective problem solving
Ben Mezrich
The story of the people that built a financial empire with Bitcoin
James Allen
Taking control of our thoughts to improve our circumstances
Geoffrey West
How to avoid the collapse that comes with unstoppable growth


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