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Elizabeth A. Stanley
Achieving awareness by healing past trauma
Kobe Bryant
The story of the basketball legend Kobe Bryant
John J. Ratey
The beneficial effects of exercise on the brain
Bill McKibben
Understanding climate change and its impact on our economy
D. Toma , T. Viki , E. Gons
Creating an innovative ecosystem in a well-established company
William Ury, Roger Fisher
How to negotiate effectively
Marc Lesser
Harnessing the power of mindfulness to develop a strong company culture
J. D. Macomber , J. G. Allen
Improve the quality of your life by planning your living and working environments
Morgan Housel
Understanding the many facets of the world of finance
Ed Yong
Discover the world of microbes and how they are part of our history
Shana Knizhnik , Irin Carmon
The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from judge to pop icon.
Victor Opper Schwab
Creating communications that capture the attention of your reader
Riley J. Ford , Michael Majlak
Michael Majlak’s struggle and his social media conquest
Danny Penman, Mark Williams
Break free from anxiety and stress to achieve true happiness
Jim Kwik
Training the mind to overcome any obstacle
Charles Wheelan
A deeper understanding of economics and its value
Daniel Goleman
Training our social intelligence and building happy relationships


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