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Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

The rules for success and what leads to failure
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Noam Cohen
Silicon Valley: political power and the demolition effect
Timothy Ferriss
Tactics, routines and habits of the greatest people in the world
Jim Clifton, Sangeeta Badal
Build a winning startup and a better life
Meera Kothand
How to Grow a Six-Figure Business with Email Marketing
Benjamin Graham
Become a successful investor: the winning recipe
Bobby Duffy
How to correctly perceive what surrounds us
Jonathan Mac Donald
How to plan your business for perpetual success
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
How to identify a bad leader and make them improve
Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki and his life lessons for success
John Rossman
Get inspired by Amazon to become a digital company
A. Ries, J. Trout
The 22 fundamental laws to create a successful marketing strategy
Arin N. Reeves
How to Create a Customized Business Strategy
Dambisa Moyo
How Democracy Influences Economic Growth
Alan Stein Jr.
How to improve your performance in business
D. Ariely, J. Kreisler
The common mistakes that we make with money and how to spend it better
I. Misner, S. Emery, R. Sapio
Know yourself better and lead a better life


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