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Chris Anderson
How to learn to talk in public
Adam Greenfield
Technological innovations and their implications
Russel Brunson
A guide to developing profitable online sales strategies
G. Stanley McChrystal, T. Collins, D. Silverman, C. Fussell
New methods to build the organisations of the future
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Enhance your mind’s full potential to get the best out of life
Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
Avoid wasting energy to achieve your life’s goals
Luca Mazzucchelli
How to change your mindset and be happy
John Warrillow
How to create or convert to a subscription business
Steve Blank, Bob Dorf
Transforming a startup into a successful company
Clayton M. Christensen
When new technologies lead to the failure of big companies
Utpal Dholakia
How To Create An Effective Pricing Strategy
Minter Dial , Caleb Storkey
Making the most of the new digital world to raise our game and achieve success
Robert Cialdini
How the human mechanisms of conditioning and persuasion work
Zig Ziglar
How altruism can help us become successful sales people
Sheryl Sandberg
How a woman can reach her full potential
Donatas Jonikas
Transforming an idea into a profitable business
Paul Smith
Effective storytelling to win over new customers and make the sale
Phil Knight
The story of the founder of Nike
Brian Tracy
Double your productivity to achieve your objectives


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