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Jerry Colonna
Becoming a great leader by doing things a little differently
Daniel Priestley
Adopting an entrepreneurial mentality to succeed in business and in life
Ian Pribyl
How to build a successful online business
Bernadette Jiwa
Learn how to tell stories, including your own
K. Patterson , J. Grenny , R. McMiller , A. Switzler
How to master and resolve disagreements
Steven Pressfield
How to overcome Resistance and creative blocks
Daniel E. Dawes
How political choices influence global health
Kelly McGonigal
The importance of willpower and self-awareness
Tom Hopkins
How to become and effective salesperson
Robert Sapolsky
The relationship between biology and human behaviour
Charles Duhigg
Improve your life by changing your habits
Blair Enns
12 steps to beat the competition in the creative sector
Priya Parker
Turn useless, boring meetings into opportunities for growth and stimulation
Malcolm Gladwell
How to fully realise our potential
Chris Ducker
Improve your time management by using remote working
Anthony Robbins
The Strategies to achieve financial freedom
Mark Stevenson
Who are the “outsiders” and what are they doing for the world?
Tamara Jacobi
Turn your passion into a business
David J. Schwartz
Learn to think positively and live happily
Mark Coleman
How to get to know yourself better and learn to manage change


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