12 Notes
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12 Notes

Creativity according to record producer Quincy Jones

12 Notes: On Life And Creativity by American musician and producer Quincy Jones, is a guide to embracing and nurturing our creativity, and draws on Jones’ vast experience in the music industry. The book analyses the importance of happy coincidences, and describes how the right mindset can help us take advantage of every opportunity that may arise in life. Jones offers first-hand advice on how to start our journey towards personal growth, with particular focus on all the various ways creativity is applied in the world of creative arts.

12 Notes
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Creativity is a delicate balance of reason and emotion

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones firmly believes that creativity is crucial, not just because it gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction, but especially because it improves our quality of life. Jones’ career is a source of inspiration for all artists, aspiring artists, or anyone who believes in the value of creativity.

Jones maintains that we all have enormous potential within us; we just have to find the right way to let it out, to cultivate it, and to channel it. Creativity is the product of both science and soul; every artistic discipline is based on standards, rules, and mathematical laws, but at the same time, it expresses our most profound experiences in life. Music and painting would not exist without emotions, and understanding and accepting our feelings is perhaps the main driving force behind the creative process.

So, there is a strong connection between creativity and our ability to appreciate our own individuality, and working on our talents requires a willingness to grow as people. In his book, Quincy Jones aims to provide the perfect strategy for starting this process.


The key ideas of "12 Notes"

Creativity is a delicate balance of reason and emotion
Quincy Jones' childhood underlines the importance of fighting for our dreams and put the legacy of our suffering into something good
The best kind of creativity comes from a combination of experimentation and respect for our roots
People who work hard every day achieve great things: opportunities happen to those who know how to seize them
Our creativity starts to fade when we allow ourselves to be caged in by externally imposed restrictions
Human mortality has always driven people to create something beautiful and new
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