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5 Conversations

Improve your leadership through your relationships

The fruit of over 30 years of experience with leaders and managers all over the world, 5 Conversations is a program that identifies five conversation models to use to build solid and reliant relationships between managers and colleagues. A practical guide that teaches us how to organise and manage authentic and brave communication within a company, without needing to be expert speakers or even particularly extroverted. By approaching every conversation with the genuine intention of better understanding the person before you, showing interest and offering support and encouragement, it is possible to increase employees’ level of engagement, and as a consequence, overall company performance.

5 Conversations
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand that leadership is about relationships first and foremost.
  • Learn to integrate the 5 conversations into your daily work within a company.
  • Remind managers of the importance and the power in being simply human.

The author of the book:

Nick Cowley has worked for big companies such as British Airways, Bayer and Whitbread; since 1994 he has been a manager at The Oxford Group, a company that works in the field of transformational leadership, talent management and executive coaching. He is an expert in strategic customer relationship management: 5 Conversations is his first book.

Nigel Purse is a facilitator, writer and speaker and has always been passionate about leadership and the development of managerial competence. In 1986 he founded The Oxford Group, of which he is still CEO. He was on the team that launched the 5 Conversations program.


Leadership is about relationships above all else

A good leader needs to know how to build a relationship of trust with their team, consequently creating a high level of engagement, which has a significant and measurable impact on company performance. Engagement comes from a sense of belonging, from the desire to offer a personal contribution, from the feeling of the potential of professional growth. The benefits of engagement are directly measurable in terms of an increase in profits, productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and a decrease in employee turnover; 94% of the most loved successful companies in the world are convinced that their efforts to create engagement among their staff has had an indisputable and direct result on their competitive advantage.


The key ideas of "5 Conversations"

Leadership is about relationships above all else
Why conversations are important: from a neuro-scientific point of view
How to prepare for conversations
Build your conversation by establishing a trusting relationship
Agree on mutual expectations
Show genuine appreciation for your team
Countering any hostile behaviour that can arise
What are the hopes for the future of our team?
Take-home message

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