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7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness
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7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness

The mindset and techniques we need to become rich

What are the most effective strategies to become rich, and be happy? Learning a series of practical techniques is a good starting point, but it is not enough. What we need is 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America's Foremost Business Philosopher, a book which aims to act as our mentor, and provide us with the right mix of practical initiatives and mindset able to guide us on our path to becoming rich, and being happy.

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness
Read in 18 min.
Listen in 22 min.

We need to find a mentor, listen to them carefully, and implement their advice

Everyone feels unhappy or dissatisfied sometimes, and it can often seem like success is frustratingly out of reach. At other times, we may feel inadequate, incomplete, or insecure. Perhaps we would like to be richer, or maybe things are simply ‘fine’, or not ‘too bad’, but we feel that we are only just keeping our heads above water, and that we would like to improve our circumstances by achieving something more.

If even one of these scenarios rings true, we can rest assured that we are in the right place, and that we are not alone. Many people feel this way, especially in today’s society, where every single advertisement we see aims to make us feel inadequate, or that we could achieve more. 

Jim Rohn, the author of 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, experienced similar feelings at the beginning of his career, and was trapped in the same listless state for over six years. Nothing new was happening in his personal life, and his financial situation was not improving. Then one day, something happened that changed everything: he met his mentor, Earl Shoaff, whose guidance enabled him to become a happy millionaire by the age of 31. Having someone to guide us in life provides us with a point of reference from which we can draw inspiration, but they are also able to speed up our journey to success, and answer our questions, because they have already had direct experience of each stage on our path. 

For example, we would probably avoid taking diet tips from an overweight person, because we can only really trust and rely on people who have already gone through a certain experience. With this book, Jim Rohn aims to pass the baton to us, and become our mentor, by teaching us the most important strategies that led him to happiness and wealth. It is not simply a matter of passing on a series of practical techniques, because these alone are not enough. What we need to really focus on is achieving the right mindset, because this is what our success will depend on, more than any technique or strategy. Without the right mindset, we will be unable to choose and apply our strategies in the right way, and every action we take will lack intention or drive.


The key ideas of "7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness"

We need to find a mentor, listen to them carefully, and implement their advice
In order to achieve results, and live a fulfilling life, we need to find, create, and set objectives
On our journey to success, it is critical that we be willing to learn, and that we never stop doing so
In order to keep improving, we need to accept our shortcomings, embrace failure as part of the growth process, and be willing to change
We should never waste money, but save, invest, donate to charity, and willingly pay our taxes, which help other people and maintain a society that provides us with opportunities, security, and services
If we do not have complete control over our time, we cannot hope to achieve wealth and happiness
We should surround ourselves with positive and successful people
While it is good to aim for wealth, it is also important to remember that it is not the size of our bank account that will make us happy
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