A Good Walk Spoiled

John Feinstein

A Good Walk Spoiled



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In A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour, John Feinstein takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the world of golf, accurately and objectively describing both the positive and negative aspects of life as a professional golfer. His experience as a sports journalist also enables him to explain other, lesser-known aspects of the sport, such as who organises the tournaments and who is in charge of relations with the press and television. The result is an in-depth and extensive picture of a complex and thrilling sport.

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Analysis and key concepts


Contrary to what many people think, golf requires a great deal of commitment and sacrifice


In addition to official tournaments, professional golfers also play in competitions around the world which can earn them a lot of money


It is difficult to make it to the big leagues in golf, and even harder to stay on top


Compared to all other professional athletes, golfers have to spend the most time away from their homes and families


Arnold Palmer’s positive attitude and outlook helped him make it to the top


Golf is a traditional sport that is rooted in the past


Golf is a conservative sport, both in its traditions and in its politics




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Many useful tips to:

  • Take a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of golf. 
  • Discover that golf is a much more complicated sport than it may appear. 
  • Appreciate that the life of a professional golfer is about more than money and fame.

John Feinstein was born in New York on the 28th of July 1956, and is a respected sports journalist, commentator, and author. He has written for The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and National Sports Daily. As a commentator, he has worked with The Golf Channel, and has appeared on several talk shows and radio programmes. During his long career, he has written forty-five books, twenty of which have become bestsellers. His first book, A Season on the Brink, which is based on the story of an Indiana basketball team, is the best-selling sports book of all time. 

Publishing house:

Little, Brown