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A Random Walk Down Wall Street

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street is presented in the form of a real stroll through the complex world of finance. Malkiel leads his readers down a long path full of stories and examples to explain to them in simple terms, how financial markets work. By studying data and graphs analysts are more or less able to predict how the market is going to go, then non-professionals are able to do the same for themselves. Because anyone can become an investor by remembering that you don’t get rich overnight. Getting rich takes time, patience and careful planning. The best investment a private individual can make is savings, which always pays in the long term. The honour of earning is in the saving.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street
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The idea for a walk along Wall Street

Wall Street is the financial centre of New York. That is where the financial markets move. Although people make forecast analyses, the ups and downs of the performance of the stock market are unpredictable. This is why Malkiel uses the metaphor of a walk. The concept of a walk through the stock market was introduced by academics to describe the instability that characterises its trends, as opposed to the professionals, however, for whom it is possible to make predictions on the future trends of the market using charts and analysis. Hence, Malkiel becomes a guide and takes readers on an explanatory tour of the complex world of finance.


The key ideas of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"

The idea for a walk along Wall Street
The two key concepts of the financial market: investment and speculation
Two approaches to intervene in financial markets: technical analysis is essential
Technical analysis as a method to establish share price
Fundamental analysis as a method to establish share value
Risk analysis as the only constant
Behavioural Finance Theory
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as new forms of investment
Practical tips to build a DIY portfolio
An investment plan template for the small saver
Take-home message

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