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A World of Good

Expert advice to improve the lives of employees

Since the 1950s, thanks to many psychological studies, a new culture and vision about the improvement of the world of work has been spreading. In A World of Good, the issue of creating a serene working environment for employees becomes a priority for the employer and is of benefit to the company as a whole. Through studies carried out and examples from different countries, we learn the importance of rest, of increasing employee satisfaction and creating an environment where ideas can be shared.

A World of Good
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Many useful tips to:

  • Help employers who wish to improve their employees' workplace experience.
  • Understand that workers represent a benefit to companies and not just a cost.
  • Know how the world is evolving on this matter.

The author of the book:

Gethin Nadin is a psychologist who has devoted 15 years to his work, which he calls "the employee experience" in a company. He has collaborated with big companies to improve working conditions for their employees. He has also written for the Financial Times, The Guardian and the Huffington Post.


Employees in the world

The first thing that people ask when they meet you, after your name, is "what do you do?". Society has determined that our work plays an important role in defining who we are. In fact we spend a third of our lives at work but for many of us, work is something that means so much more than just a paycheck.

Work offers the chance for social interaction, satisfaction and a chance to challenge oneself and to learn. Simon Sinek says Taking a job for the cash is not as important as taking a job for the joy. Workers are the new consumers and work has become the product, a commodity to be traded. It is mostly young people that prefer to earn less while having the chance to grow, to learn and to feel part of something. They want to move, and do not easily accept the idea of working alone or working for just one company: according to Forbes, if a worker stays in the same company for more than two years, on average they earn 50% less than what they are worth. A study by Deloitte in 2017 (Global Human Capital Trends report) showed that 79% of workers worldwide feel that the daily work experience should give them something more than just money.It should make you feel a part of something.The ways in which workers are treated varies from country to country. Some countries like Greece and Estonia have a statutory time regulation, including maximum working day and working week, others such as Turkey, guarantee a very high minimum wage.Let's look in more detail at what other countries of the world are doing about this.


The key ideas of "A World of Good"

Employees in the world
Sweden: being connected makes people happy
IKIGAI and Karoshi: using Japan as an example
Italy: the benefits of the lunch break
Germany: the voice of the workers
Spain: the importance of sleep
China: build on exchange
Denmark: trust
USA: the benefit of outdoor activities
Africa: the interests of the community at the heart of everything
Bhutan: satisfaction increases productivity
UK: benefits and an 8-hour day
Australia: the professionals of flex-working
Iceland: Intuition as a decision making process
France: taking time away
Austria: going on holiday
Indonesia: spend more time with the family
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