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Almost is Not Good Enough

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Almost is Not Good Enough explains winning techniques that can be used in the retail market. The world has evolved over time, changing drastically, and tactics that worked well years ago, no longer work today. Anyone wanting to embark on a journey into sales, must first go through a preparation phase, in which they put the consumer first, create a memorable experience for them, and then try to ensure that their brand or product / service is relevant. Playing the game in this day and age is no easy task. Every business, large or small, must combine both offline and online strategies into their overall plan, make sure that their message is suitable for the type of communication channel they are using, and, most important of all, have passionate people presenting the product so as to transmit enthusiasm. Not doing much, or just enough, is no longer sufficient - you have to excel.

Almost is Not Good Enough
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Retail has undergone profound changes in recent years

Until a few years ago, before the advent of the internet, shops were physical places where we went to buy objects, clothes, and devices. The luckiest brands had stores in multiple cities, and even in different countries. Many things have since changed. What worked up until a few decades ago, is no longer effective today. For example, consumer habits have changed, from their spending power to the emergence of new needs, as well as what they expect from a brand. 

A customer today is no longer satisfied simply with buying what they need - they want to combine the act of purchasing something with an experience. Advancements in technology have influenced this change in consumer behaviour. Today, the shops that decide not to be on the internet with a dedicated website, are setting themselves up for failure. Online and offline activity now have to follow parallel paths, allowing for the option of buying in a physical or virtual store, supported by converging methods of marketing and communications.

A mobile phone today is no longer just a device for making calls, but in fact an indispensable aspect of everyday life. Smartphones can be used to choose and buy items online, although research conducted by the company Deloitte has also revealed that the majority of offline purchases actually derive initially from online searches.


The key ideas of "Almost is Not Good Enough"

Retail has undergone profound changes in recent years
You need to remain relevant to be considered on the market
Redefine your company based on consumer needs
Talent is a defining feature of success
Going international requires starting the analysis work all over again
Take-home message

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