Amazon Unbound
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Amazon Unbound

The story of Amazon: its past, present, and future

Jeff Bezos is not merely the creator and founder of Amazon. He has built an entire empire, which extends to many countries around the world, and always offers innovative services, while conquering new market sectors: from the sale of fresh food to artificial intelligence, and from video streaming to film production. Ten years after The Everything Store, Bloomberg journalist Brad Stone’s new book on Bezos and Amazon analyses the events that have made this company one of the most successful, as well as most highly criticised, in the world, just like its founder.

Amazon Unbound
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Today, Amazon is much more than a virtual shop that sells everything

Since its launch 27 years ago, Amazon has evolved and conquered many new market niches. From its beginnings as a marketplace for books, it has become a platform on which people do their shopping, or stream films and TV series, which are often original productions by the company itself. Thanks to devices such as Amazon Echo, we can also control the lights in our homes, play music, and do many other things, by interacting with the artificial intelligence of Alexa.

However, not all the innovative services proposed by Jeff Bezos, founder and chairman of Amazon, have met with success. Very often, moreover, public opinion and the press have harshly criticised both the company and its founder, calling for better conditions for workers, greater respect for the environment and, in general, a further commitment to communities, which one would expect from a company of its size. Amidst its controversies, successes, and failures, Brad Stone analyses the most recent ten years of Amazon, as well as Bezos himself, and explains how their stories are intertwined: without Bezos, there would be no Amazon, in any of its current forms, because it has all been achieved as the direct result of his passion and intuition.


The key ideas of "Amazon Unbound "

Today, Amazon is much more than a virtual shop that sells everything
The attempt to enter the smartphone market: the failure of the 'Fire Phone' in 2014
Artificial intelligence and voice recognition: the launch of Amazon Echo
Amazon Go: the first fully automated supermarket
Amazon's expansion into India and other countries marks a new era for the company
Amazon Web Services: a profitable market segment with extraordinary financial scope
Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post from the Graham family
Amazon and the entertainment business: from Prime Video streaming to original productions
Amazon's experience in the Chinese market
From the acquisition of Whole Foods to the antitrust investigations of 2019
The Covid-19 pandemic gives rise to new challenges: Amazon enters the health market
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