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Atomic Habits

How to improve good habits and get rid of harmful ones

In Atomic Habits we will find out that personal success in any field is not the result of a single significant action but the cumulative result of a series of daily habits. The best method to form good daily habits is to use a method based on Four Laws to help modify your behaviour. Through these laws you can reprogram your mind to get rid of negative habits and implement positive ones, to improve yourself and discover your true identity.

Atomic Habits
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Many useful tips to:

  • Establish good habits, to take a step in the direction of success in both work and in life.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Discover your identity and your strengths and understand the fundamental unyielding principles of human behaviour to create better, lasting habits.

The author of the book:

James Clear is not only the author of Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones, but he is also the creator of the website jamesclear.com, where he discusses habits, decisional processes and continuous personal improvement. His website has millions of visits per month and his newsletter is very popular. He has written for The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and Time magazine and has appeared on CBS This Morning.


Habits are influenced by external stimuli

A habit is a practice or routine carried out regularly and it is an automatic response to a specific situation. Good habits can help us reach our full potential and even when results seem minimal and irrelevant at the beginning, if we persevere, good habits can create a noticeable change that can improve the quality of our lives. This book presents us with an effective plan of action to create positive habits, the important groundwork to do this is based on the Four Laws to Modify Behaviour that come from the four phases of any habit: cue , craving, response and reward. It is well known that external stimuli influence our habits, this book will explain how our emotions, beliefs and thoughts influence our behaviour and how the four fundamental pillars remain unchanged even when behaviour changes according to situations. The fundamental, unchangeable principles of human behaviour are the base from which we can start to create long lasting and good habits.


The key ideas of "Atomic Habits"

Habits are influenced by external stimuli
Can just a 1% improvement a day bring us big results?
How to create good habits
How to get rid of bad habits
The ABC to bear in mind to create good habits.
Take-home message

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