Better Sex Through Mindfulness

Emily Nagoski, Lori A. Brotto

Better Sex Through Mindfulness



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In their book Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire, authors Emily Nagoski and Lori Brotto explain what lies behind a woman’s lack of sexual desire and how it can be cured through meditation, allowing for greater awareness of one’s body and feelings, and by learning to accept rather than judge them. The authors also examine the obstacles to a fulfilling sex life, and how to overcome them.

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Analysis and key concepts


Multitasking is an enormous source of stress that can lead to the loss of sexual desire


The awareness achieved through meditation can help us reduce the obstacles that prevent us from having an enjoyable sex life


Concentrating on the physical body and what we feel can be the key to unlocking our sexual desire


Meditation can help reduce depression


Sometimes penetration can be painful, but tapping into the sensations in our bodies can actually help reduce the pain


Meditation and awareness are the most effective tools we have to be able to really enjoy sex, there is no point in trying out brightly coloured vibrators, imaginative sexual positions or erotic books, if we fail to accept what our body is trying to tell us




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Many useful tips to:

  • Stay present and live in the moment during sex.
  • Learn to stop judging what we feel.
  • Understand how to use meditation to cultivate sexual desire.
  • Learn to use the right tools to make sex more enjoyable.
  • Overcome any pain and suffering you might sometimes experience during sex.

Emily Nagoski is a sex educator and researcher. She is currently the director of wellness education at Smith College, where she teaches a course on female sexuality. She began her work as a sex educator at the University of Delaware, and went on to complete an MA in Counselling, and a PhD in Health Behaviour from Indiana University, for which she did her clinical and research training from the Kinsey Institute.

Lori A. Brotto has a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and her research since she graduated has been focused on the psychophysiological aspects of sexual arousal in women diagnosed with sexual dysfunction. Her psychology internship at the University of Washington (UW) covered the use of cognitive behavioural therapy for mood, anxiety, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders. She then became director of UBC’s sexual health laboratory and women’s health research institute.

Publishing house:

Greystone Books