Learn the key ideas of the book by Jim Clifton , Sangeeta Badal

Born to Build

Build a winning startup and a better life

Jim Clifton and Sangeeta Badal accompany us into the business world, offering us a closer look at launches, whether it is of a startup or a new division of a company. Born to Build helps us understand the type of builder that we are, our dominant talents and how to make the most of them to build a successful business, showing us the four keys that will lead us to unlock something "great" for ourselves and for others.

Born to Build
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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn the tools and techniques to be in control of your future
  • Understand what your talents are and how to use them to build something meaningful for yourself and for others.
  • Have a psychological approach to business creation.

The author of the book:

Jim Clifton is Gallup Chairman and CEO, and the author of The Coming Jobs War. His most recent innovation, Gallup World Poll, was designed to give voice to the 7 billion citizens of the world on almost all major global issues. Under Clifton's leadership, Gallup has expanded significantly and has become a global organization with 40 offices in 30 countries and regions.

Sangeeta Badal, Ph.D., is the principal scientist of the Gallup’s Builder Initiative. She is responsible for translating research results into interventions to guide the growth of small businesses. She is the author of Gender, Social Structure and Empowerment: Status Report of Women in India. Dr. Badal received her doctorate in anthropology and geography from the University of Nebraska.


The necessary ecosystem to build a large company

People constantly ask you: "Where do you work?", "What do you do?", They never ask you: "What are you building?".

Institutions, scientists, academics and politicians have never fully understood the rare gift of knowing how to build something. Some refer to this gift as "entrepreneurship" or "innovation", but "venture building" is a distinct phenomenon. An innovation has no value until a builder creates a business model around it and transforms it into a product or service that customers will buy. A builder creates economic energy where nothing previously existed. Manufacturers create goods and services that customers do not yet know they want, they create demand, open new markets. Builders are the creators of disruptions (cracks, upheavals) in the market that offer a better way of life.

But the creation of a large booming company or a non-profit organization does not take place thanks to the work of one ingenious builder: there is a whole ecosystem around effective builders. There are three key players in the development of any organization, whether it is a new business, a new division within a company or a non-profit organization, the so-called "three alpha": the alpha Rainmaker (rain wizard, a person capable of getting customers and profit from a business), the alpha conductor and the alpha expert.

An alpha rainmaker has an unusual persistence and a rare grit. Obstacles and failures increase his determination. An alpha conductor has great handling skills. He knows how to make all players of a team interact. An alpha expert provides the skills necessary to differentiate the main product or service.

This book will help you understand what kind of builder you are, what your natural builder talents are and how to use them to succeed.


The key ideas of "Born to Build"

The necessary ecosystem to build a large company
What is a successful builder’s mindset?
The talents of successful entrepreneurs
What kind of builder are you?
What helps us recognize opportunities?
The strategy for activating ideas
How to create a talented team
10 talents of successful builders
Take-home message

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