Born to Win

Zig Ziglar

Born to Win



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Why are some of us successful, while others fall behind and fail to reach the next level? What skills do the winners have that set them apart from the rest of society? According to Zig Ziglar, it is not a question of exceptional skills: each of us was born to win, you just need to understand the process, believe in it, and work hard to immediately start seeing improvements. In his book, Born to Win: Find Your Success, the author explains how to revolutionise your life and career by following his foolproof method, which is based on planning, preparation, and expectations.

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Analysis and key concepts


We are all born to win, you just have to understand the process, and learn how to put yourself out there


To be successful, you have to force yourself to plan, and set clear and detailed goals


Preparation is the most important step on the road to success


If you arrive prepared for success, all that remains is to wait for your efforts to pay off


The Importance of The Wheel of Life




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand that each of us was born to win in life, we just have to put the right processes in place.
  • Harness the power of positive thinking to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Prepare yourself for success so that you can enjoy the time when it comes, and fully develop potential opportunities.

Zig Ziglar (1926-2012) is one of the most respected authors and motivational speakers of all time, and his books have been translated into over twenty languages. He started his career as a salesman, and over the years, he climbed the career ladder to become vice president of the Texan company Performance Automotive. He later decided to focus on teaching and training, setting up his own personal development company. His first book “See You at the Top”, written in 1975, became an international bestseller in no time.

Publishing house:

Made for Success Pub