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Born to Win

The power of positive thinking to achieve success

Why are some of us successful, while others fall behind and fail to reach the next level? What skills do the winners have that set them apart from the rest of society? According to Zig Ziglar, it is not a question of exceptional skills: each of us was born to win, you just need to understand the process, believe in it, and work hard to immediately start seeing improvements. In his book, Born to Win: Find Your Success, the author explains how to revolutionise your life and career by following his foolproof method, which is based on planning, preparation, and expectations.

Born to Win
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We are all born to win, you just have to understand the process, and learn how to put yourself out there

When we think of people who have been successful in life, we are often led to believe that there are unique skills and talents underpinning their achievements, which are impossible to learn or develop ourselves, and so we end up feeling discouraged, and put aside the idea of trying to be successful ourselves.

The good news is that this is not the case at all: we are all born with the potential of becoming successful in life, both professionally and personally, you just need to understand the process, believe in it, and be brave enough to put yourself out there. You must do away with the harmful concept of the status quo once and for all, and embrace the awareness that the situation you currently find yourself in is not immutable, and indeed, can be changed and improved at any moment. The bad news, however, is that there is no magic pill you can take to instantly change into a new person, as if by magic: just like all things of value in life, achieving success also requires its fair share of effort and sweat. 

Fortunately, there are strategies that can be put into practice to quickly and effectively set the wheels in motion for your climb to the top.  The author especially recommends the Born to Win method, which has helped hundreds of people to radically revolutionise their lives, which starts by explaining how to approach success and talent. The Born To Win method is based on some rather simple concepts and is broken down into three phases: 

  1. planning to win;
  2. preparing to win;
  3. expecting to win.

The idea behind the method is that each of us can work to improve ourselves, all you have to do is plan appropriately, by forming a clear idea in your mind of what it is you want to achieve, and determining just how badly you want it; preparing for success involves equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to reach this goal, and, finally, having the right expectations and knowing how to wait for the results, with the help of a positive mindset.


The key ideas of "Born to Win"

We are all born to win, you just have to understand the process, and learn how to put yourself out there
To be successful, you have to force yourself to plan, and set clear and detailed goals
Preparation is the most important step on the road to success
If you arrive prepared for success, all that remains is to wait for your efforts to pay off
The Importance of The Wheel of Life
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