Learn the key ideas of the book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Boss Up!

Transform yourself from a full time Mum to an entrepreneur

Boss Up! Is a practical guide for Mums who want to get into the business world: telling us the whole truth about the hard work and the amazing and gratifying role of a mumpreneur. With a pinch of irony and lightheartedness, we learn about the ten philosophies for success that can help us to get our own business off the ground, without any feelings of guilt. The book tells us how we can move forward with courage and without forgetting about the little monsters running around the house!

Boss Up!
Read in 15 min.
Listen in 19 min.

Many useful tips to:

  • Find out the secrets and strategies that helped an ex-fulltime Mum become a millionaire entrepreneur.
  • Find your ikigai: the thing which makes us get up every morning with a smile on our faces.
  • Learn the ten philosophies that can help us launch that long time hidden dream onto the market.

The author of the book:

Lindsay Teague Moreno is an author, podcaster and entrepreneur. With three small children to take care of, she managed to build a million dollar business on social media in just two years. She helps enterprising women discover their unique qualities and fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.


There is no such thing as the “right” Mum

When women become Mums they often forget about their own needs, hopes and dreams: the children and the family come first. They feel the pressure to always be available for their little ones and end up neglecting their passions and desires.

There are many different types of Mum and there is no such thing as the “right Mum”. Some women feel completely fulfilled being full times Mums, and that is perfectly ok. There are also women who feel as though they need something else outside their family, such as their own business, which they can run from home, and that is ok too. These are two different ways to contribute to the wellbeing of the family: it is time to stop worrying, both of these scenarios are fine, and it is time to stop making useless comparisons. Being fulfilled outside of the family does not always mean being a bad Mum; being available for our children’s every sigh does not necessarily make us great Mums. If we can accept a messy house and let the kids run around while we work on our projects, we can embark on new exciting adventures, being able to juggle both our work as entrepreneurs and our role as parents.


The key ideas of "Boss Up! "

There is no such thing as the “right” Mum
Setting off on the path to freedom
How to find your own path
The first of ten philosophies: think long term
Being authentic without compromise
Telling stories to connect with your clients
Always be consistent
Don’t sell, listen to your clients
Be positive and stop complaining
Never stop learning
Find the motivation
Your business is not a hobby
Set objectives + work hard + don’t give up
Take-home message

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