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Brave New Work

Why and how you should reform your business organization

The operating system of traditional organizations no longer works.  A confusing tangle of bureaucracy and rules slows down processes and prevents the organization from adapting to a modern and changing reality. Brave New Work proposes a new approach, called "Evolutionary Organization", based on the principles of employee self-management, transparency and a free flow of information on all levels. Evolutionary Organizations are the only possible future if we want to remain competitive in a rapidly and continuously evolving world.

Brave New Work
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Many useful tips to:

  • Change your company's operating system from a traditional organization to an evolutionary one.
  • Understand how to transform your organization by making it more “people positive” and “complexity conscious”.
  • Carry out an experiment to start transforming your company into an evolutionary organization.

The author of the book:

Aaron Dignan is the founder of The Ready, an organization that helps companies create a new operating and organizational system. He is an informal investor and helps organize partnerships between the startups for which he works as a consultant. He was on the advisory committee for GE, American Express, PepsiCo, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and on the board of directors of Smashburger.


Why the management system that has always been applied no longer works in the modern world and what "evolutionary organizations" mean

The modern world is a changing environment that requires agility and a spirit of speedy adaptability. Consequently, hierarchy, budgets, audits, in other words, the bureaucracy that in the past was the key to strengthening and growing our companies, is unduly burdensome, and nowadays causes sluggishness and vulnerability. The world is changing and evolving, but business operating systems are still based on old principles and are hardly ever questioned. In order to overcome the fear of relinquishing the existing centralized control and to allow our company’s operating system to really evolve, we must decentralize coherently. The companies that follow this path are called "evolutionary organizations": they are companies that constantly change and improve their operating system by directing it towards self-management, eliminating hierarchies and bureaucracy.


The key ideas of "Brave New Work"

Why the management system that has always been applied no longer works in the modern world and what "evolutionary organizations" mean
How the base criteria of traditional organizations came about, what effects they have on modern companies and why evolutionary organizations are the solution
Understanding the new approaches : people positive and complexity conscious
How to change the business operating system and become a positive organization towards its employees and aware of its own complexity
If we accept that our organization is a complex system, we have to alter the way our company changes
Take-home message

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