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Cashvertising - as the name suggests - reminds us that advertising only has one objective: to generate profit. We can write the advert of the century, but if it doesn't turn out to be profitable, we will have wasted our time, money and energy. This book reveals the techniques used by the biggest ad agencies to create effective adverts; techniques that are based on an understanding of human psychology. In his book, Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman shows us the mechanisms that drive people to make a purchase and he invites us to use them to convince and influence people’s purchasing choices, bearing in mind that all this is only possible if our products keep  the promises we make in our adverts. 

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Analysis and key concepts


In order to sell we need to understand the psychology of our consumer and leverage one of their “Life Force 8” human impulses


Fear and the ego are two strong motivators to convince people to buy


We need to be credible: transfer strategy is based on the use of images and concepts that refer to people or institutes worthy of respect


Consumers also choose their purchases based on future objectives – sometimes based on logic, other times on impulse


Writing to make sure that people understand: the key to effective communication


Talk about benefits and make sure the most important ones feature in the title


People read captions under images rather than advertising copy


We need to select evocative adjectives that are able to convey clear images


The more you say, the more you sell, as long as the message is communicated well!


Colours influence people, let’s remember this when we are in the creative stage




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn the techniques and principles of advertising psychology used by successful copywriters.
  • Understand how to get into the minds of potential clients and stay there.
  • Learn effective tricks to write commercial advertisements that motivate those who read them to make the purchase.

Drew Eric Whitman has worked for over 30 years as a consultant, speaker and trainer. In particular, he is an expert on the psychological mechanisms that trigger people’s impulse to buy. He has a degree in Advertising from Temple University in Philadelphia, and has been passionate about marketing and communication since he was very young – he created his very first advertising material when he was still in junior school, to the benefit of the rest of his class. During his long career, Whitman has created ads for many different types of companies in various sectors, from small shops to giant multinationals, including the American Automobile Association, American Legion, Amoco and Texaco. He is also the author of BrainScripts for Sales Success, and currently lives in California.

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