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Connecting the Dots

Predicting the market changes to stay afloat

We are on the verge of an unprecedented revolution. The Internet, new technologies and the world of startups will revolutionize the global market in ways we have never seen before. In a couple of years we will have half a billion connected devices: telephones, computers, cars and refrigerators. Many new jobs will be created and many will disappear.
Connecting the Dots will show us the importance of being flexible, quick and, most of all, how to connect all the dots in order to understand the big picture and predict what the situation will be like in three, five or ten years. The only way to keep afloat is to accept it, analyze what is happening around us and try to change before the market changes, leaving us behind.

Connecting the Dots
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What the future holds for us and how to get ready

We are on the verge of a revolution that will multiply the impact of the Internet, causing disruptions we have never seen before. In ten years, half a billion cars, refrigerators, telephones, robots and other devices will communicate online. New technologies will bring benefits to our health, make our communities safer and increase social welfare, creating hundreds of millions of new jobs.

The ability of reinventing the personal business and of reinventing oneself is the most important ability of the digital era.

It does not matter if you manage a company made up of 2 people or 200,000 people: you have to be fast, flexible and always one step ahead of the others.


The key ideas of "Connecting the Dots"

What the future holds for us and how to get ready
What is the right mindset for successful leadership?
The guide to being a successful company
The strategic importance of connecting with customers
The startup world: advantages and opportunities
Take-home message

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