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Creative Visualization
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Creative Visualization

Unleashing the potential of our imagination, in order to create

Creative Visualization is a simple, direct, and helpful book. The author aims to teach us the art of creative visualisation, which is a really worthwhile and effective method for getting everything we want out of life. Through targeted meditation, we are able to visualise the answers to our questions, and use the power of our mind to imagine what we would like to achieve. This visualised image is enough to activate our inner energy, as well as that of the universe, ensuring that significant evolution and effective results happen in our lives. Creative visualisation is a technique that we can all learn, and then use to bring about benefits for ourselves, as well as the community.

Creative Visualization
Read in 13 min.
Listen in 16 min.

Creative visualisation helps us achieve what we want in life

The term ‘creative visualisation’ refers to a specific technique, which allows us to use our imagination, in order to create what we want to achieve in life.

The author, Shakti Gawain, has travelled the world, teaching people how to ‘visualise’. Although it may seem simple, this practice relies on our ability to imagine the right thing, and especially in the right way. Gawain wrote this book, which contains practical exercises, ideas and useful techniques, in order to teach us how to manage creative visualisation, and make our desires become reality.  

Imagination is extremely powerful, and being able to cultivate it can lead to enormous fulfilment. It has been proven that skilfully and consciously using our imagination really does allow us to achieve our dreams, both in our personal life, such as love, family, or respect, as well as in our professional working life. Our goals may be physical, psychological, mental, spiritual, or emotional. 

Yet creative visualisation is not just an easy, effortless way of achieving our objectives. It is a journey of discovery, and a way to explore who we are, and it is a unique opportunity for evolution, which allows us to change any stratified opinion we have about ourselves, and our lives. 

The more we study creative visualisation, the more we discover new things, and the exercises, which are an essential part of mastering the technique, allow us to delve deeper, and appreciate the potential benefits.

When we grow accustomed to practising an exercise every day, at a precise time, we experience something quite magical, where uncertainty turns into confidence, and confidence turns into awareness. The greatest benefit of consistent practice for our mind is a new attitude, and a natural integration of thought, which makes us feel that we are the creator of our own life.

Of course, creative visualisation requires certain basic conditions, and these are desire, meaning something we would like to attain in our life, trust, which means believing that this desire is attainable, and acceptance. The concept of acceptance is an interesting one, and stems from the fact that what we desire is often unconscious, which means that we are not geared up and ready to struggle, in order to overcome all the challenges that stand between us and that desire. Acceptance means honestly asking ourselves whether we are ready to embark on this journey, or whether we would prefer to simply keep the desire, but without ever taking the necessary steps to achieve it.

People who go through a creative visualisation process will experience a return to a state of well-being, which is similar to healing. It is no coincidence that creative visualisation is also used during therapy to alleviate physical pain, and create the motivation needed to activate inner strength.


The key ideas of "Creative Visualization"

Creative visualisation helps us achieve what we want in life
Using creative visualisation allows us to live a more intense life
One of the purposes of meditation is to learn how to be assertive
Knowledge of meditation techniques also helps us to visualise complex situations
How to live creatively through visualisation
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