Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within


Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within



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Osho, who died in 1990, was one of the most important spiritual leaders of the last century. The Sunday Times listed him as one of the 1,000 makers of the 20th century, while Tom Robbins said he was “the most dangerous man in history since Jesus Christ”. Osho’s philosophical and spiritual teachings place great emphasis on creativity, and on the ways in which we are able to literally create the meaning of our lives. In Creativity. Unleashing The Forces Within, Osho uses simple words, and clear-cut sentences, to persuade us that we can all become creative people. It doesn’t matter if we know how to paint or dance, because even the most mundane tasks can be creative, if we put effort, love, and dedication into what we do.

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Analysis and key concepts


Less logic, more poetry: becoming a child again, in order to unleash our creativity


Instead of carrying out meaningless tasks, it is better to do nothing, so that our creativity is able to emerge


Relaxation, inaction, and celebration: feeling alive in the here and now, in order to create spontaneously


Abandoning our ego, and recognising others, in order to channel energy into our creative process


Creativity cannot coexist with fame, wealth, ego, and perfectionism


We can all be creative: it is not the 'what' that matters, but the 'how'


The less we believe we know, the more we are open to exploring, and the more creative we become


We need to let go of psychological memories, in order to make room for new and unexplored experiences


We must be the leading actors of our life, and create, rather than simply seek, a purpose




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Reflect on the meaning of life, on who we are, and how we act, and react, to situations.
  • Realise that creativity arises as a result of the love and effort we put into things.
  • Cultivate silence, flexibility, and awareness, in order to express our creativity to the best of our ability.

Born Chandra Mohan Jain, Osho was an Indian spiritual master, who practised in both India and the United States, but was known all over the world for his spiritual teachings. He was originally a professor of philosophy, but left his professorship in 1966, in order to travel the world, and spread his non-conformist message, which was met with both admiration and controversy. In the 1970s, he founded an ashram in India, and in the following decade, he set up a commune in Oregon, USA. He died in 1990. His spiritual teachings, which have been collected in dozens of books and recordings, are based on love, meditation, freedom, creativity, and the importance of celebrating human life.

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