Crunch Time

Judd Hoekstra , Erick Harding "Rick" Peterson

Crunch Time



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Not being able to give your best when you find yourself under pressure is a problem that we all experience. It will be much easier to avoid falling into that trap after you have read Crunch Time. Judd Hoekstra and Rick Peterson, the most famous pitcher on the planet, have gathered a few secrets from some of the top motivators, leaders and trainers, and written them down in a handy guide of easy tips that you can apply to both your private and professional life.

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Analysis and key concepts


In a super competitive world, where pressure is ever increasing, the reframing technique helps to change our point of view and manage complex situations


When we are under pressure we need to become fully aware, because instinctive reactions can get us into trouble


Greater effort does not always lead to a better result; outcome is linked to ability and not to effort


The art of laughter: a sense of humour is a great weapon available to us all, it can beat stress and improve performance


A result isn’t calculated by comparing it with other results, but on the average of all of someone’s performances


Looking at mistakes as opportunities to learn is the basis of a growth mindset




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn to ‘reframe’ complex situations.
  • Practice breaking free of instinctive reactions.
  • Learn simple techniques to build a growth mentality.

Judd Hoekstra is head of sales at Ken Blanchard Companies, one of the top companies in the field of managerial training. He has written and co-written several books, many of which have become bestsellers, and he is a very successful public speaker. A graduate in economics and marketing from Cornell University, he has developed several training programs for Ken Blanchard.

Erick Harding “Rick” Peterson is an ex pitcher and a renowned trainer of Major League baseball, famed for his capacity to apply the principles of biomechanics and psychology to helping other pitchers improve their technique.

Publishing house:

McGraw-Hill Education