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Learn the key ideas of the book by Tarleton Gillespie

Custodians of the Internet

Understand the mechanisms that regulate social platforms

Custodians of the Internet will take us on a journey through social media, and  the service they offer: moderation.The book will help us to  understand the mechanisms that regulate social platforms, who is behind the moderation activities, whether it’s people or software, and what criteria they use.In his book Gillespie offers an analysis that will allow us to understand why there is a need for greater transparency in the moderation of social media and how we can experience the network and make the most of its potential without incurring penalties.

Custodians of the Internet
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Many useful tips to:

  • Get insight on social media, perfect for those who use it habitually.
  • Find out how moderation works, and better understand the functioning mechanisms of the web.
  • Understand the opportunities and pitfalls that accompany your online presence.

The author of the book:

Tarleton Gillespie is a leading researcher at Microsoft Research New England, as well as an associate professor at Cornell University. Co-founder of the blog Culture Digitally, he is also the author of many popular articles and publications. He has completed many research projects related to controversial aspects linked to the use of digital media, including in the promotional and advertising sector. He currently works to understand the role of social platforms as new channels for the dissemination of political and cultural content and studies the function of algorithms as a means of conditioning collective knowledge and social participation.


Our perception of social networks

Many of us would like our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts not to be subject to any harassment, and not to be associated with compromising content. Likewise, we all wish to have full freedom of expression.

Social media allows us to connect with many people. This has clear advantages, but also  many risks, which are sometimes underestimated. For this reason, a filter is necessary. Unfortunately, however, although content moderation is custom for all social media, this practice is constantly hidden, and its implementation methods are kept secret.


The key ideas of "Custodians of the Internet"

Our perception of social networks
All platforms are subject to moderation
Our data: the price we pay to access social networks
The guidelines for managing a virtual community
Three imperfect solutions to control an immeasurable amount of content
The moderators behind each platform
Moderation: a space for political dispute
A platform’s decision to delete or filter content
What platforms are, and what they should be
Take-home message

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