Delivering Happiness

Tony Hsieh

Delivering Happiness



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Delivering Happiness tells the extraordinary story of a man destined for success. Written by Tony Hsieh, who tells his own story, and not without a touch of irony he points out where he sometimes also went wrong and tells us about the many lessons he learned from his experiences. Over the years, from his first field experiments at the young age of ten, to his latest success, the Zappos venture, his meteoric rise has been based much more on his assets as a human rather than on wealth. He bases his choices and actions on happiness, and in his book Delivering Happiness, his intent is to show us how closely the happiness of the individual is linked to the business in which one operates and how much it contributes to its overall success. Placing value on happiness in a company means being able to share it, and so even redistribute it. The novelty of Hsieh’s message is affirmed in his desire to create a happiness movement that has the strength to make the world a better place.

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Analysis and key concepts


The small business approach: from earthworm farming to pizzerias


The first successful innovative product that Tony Hsieh created was Link Exchange


Having achieved a mammoth target in a short time, the only thing to do was to continue to look ahead and go back


How the Zappos adventure began, and how Hsieh took it to a billion dollar company


The wellbeing of its employees is a fundamental asset to any healthy business




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the story of Tony Hsieh, a professional whose journey helped him to recognise happiness as a shared value.
  • Help anyone looking for inspiration on ways to carry out alternative leadership.
  • Understand how the concept of happiness goes hand in hand with the concept of profit.

Tony Hsieh is an entrepreneurial humanist. After the success of Link Exchange, a link exchange company for websites which he sold to Microsoft in 1999, he founded the investment company Venture Frogs, with which he created Zappos, the Amazon of shoes. In 2000 he became CEO, and within a few years Zappos reached incredible levels of success, so much so, that it was sold to Amazon in 2009. His model of happiness inside and outside the company is what sets him apart. Corporate culture, as well as customer care, which cares for both employees’ and customers’ feelings, are key assets of his entrepreneurial vision.

Publishing house:

Grand Central Publishing