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The newsletter is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, as well as one of the most overlooked. It is often used ineffectively and lazily by companies and brands, who do not understand the potential advantages of having direct contact with their subscribers. In order to change this situation, we need to use a new, updated strategy that respects our users, that pays close attention to our tone of voice and the details contained in our messages, and enables us to create and share valuable content. Author David Hieatt explains how we can all do this in his book, Do Open: How A Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (And It Can).

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Analysis and key concepts


The corporate newsletter is a crucial resource, and should not be underestimated


People have less and less time on their hands, so we need to create valuable content, and learn to give before we receive


Design and how we choose our talking points are important factors in the corporate tone of voice


We should never forget that our community is primarily made up of people, and we have to find the right ones


Never underestimate the title and final checklist




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand how a curated newsletter can be the key to business growth.
  • Recognise newsletters as the most effective opportunity for genuine dialogue with our community.
  • Learn how to curate and test each mailing.

David Hieatt is a British author and entrepreneur, who has been described by many as a marketing genius. In 1995, he founded the low-impact clothing company “Howies”, and used his skills to turn it into a major market player. After selling the company to the giant “Timberland”, Hieatt focused on boosting the economy of his hometown, Cardigan, by reviving its long tradition of manufacturing jeans with a new company called “Hiut Denim”. Alongside his work in the world of sustainable clothing, he is also an editor and author at “The Do Lectures” publishing house, for which he wrote Do Open: How A Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (And It Can) and Do Purpose: Why Brands With A Purpose Do Better And Matter More.

Publishing house:

The Do Book Co