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Dotcom Secrets

A guide to developing profitable online sales strategies

What differentiates companies who enjoy successful online sales from those who don’t? Russell Brunson, online sales guru and sought-after business coach, says that the secret lies in an effective sales funnel and in the key points involved in its creation. He has described them all carefully in his book, Dotcom Secrets: the underground playbook for growing your company online, in which he reveals his tips and tricks for us to take into consideration and potentially put into practice, so that we can develop highly lucrative online sales strategies of our own.

Dotcom Secrets
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The secret to the success of online businesses is the sales funnel

There is a certain truth that online entrepreneurs are often unaware of: when an online sales project for products and services doesn’t work, it is often due to a funnel problem, and it needs to be resolved as such. The sales funnel is the mechanism that can be created to direct a potential client towards buying what a company is selling, and can usually be automated to maximise results, requiring the minimum effort from the seller. A well-functioning funnel is the main secret of many companies that manage to earn large sums through the use of their online presence, and it is often the crucial part of the sales process hidden behind web pages and products.


The key ideas of "Dotcom Secrets"

The secret to the success of online businesses is the sales funnel
Knowing the tips and tricks behind a sales strategy helps us to create perfect funnels
The funnel helps the user climb the sales value ladder, from the lowest step to the most expensive offer, from prospect to loyal customer
Different funnels correspond to different types of traffic
The three types of funnel to create for cold traffic
The three structures for warm traffic
Offers at the higher levels of the value scale require a complex and differentiated funnel
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