Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai

Frederick Savio Correa, Frederick Sidney Correa

Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai



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Ikigai is our reason for being, our life’s purpose, and it makes our life worth living. Everyone has their own ikigai, which motivates them to get up every morning, but finding it can be far from easy. In Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai: A Simple Seven-Step Programme to Win at Work and in Life, Frederick Sidney Correa and Frederick Savio Correa explain how introspection and self-discovery can help us find our ikigai. The authors provide many practical exercises and examples to guide the reader and keep us on track to self-realisation.

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Analysis and key concepts


Finding our ikigai allows us to discover the meaning of our life


In order to find our professional ikigai, we first have to know where we are right now


The search for a fulfilling job is like a marketing campaign in which we are the product


In order to find our professional ikigai, our job must reflect our core values


In order to discover our ikigai, we have to identify our career anchor


Once we know who we are, we then need to draw up a detailed plan of our professional development


Writing down all the steps we need to take to achieve our objective allows us to have a medium - and long-term vision of our career


Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to: focussing on our personal growth helps us stay on course




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Many useful tips to:

  • Find our ikigai: the meaning of our life.
  • Discover which kind of work will give our life the greatest sense of purpose.
  • Improve our chances of employment.

Frederick Savio Correa is a successful motivator, trainer, and coach. He is the director of St. Jude’s Business Training Centre founded in 1966. He has over four decades of experience in the training field, and is renowned for the corporate training seminars he has held over the years in various organisations, including Wacker Chemie, Standard Chartered, Bharat Petroleum, Otis Elevator, and Crompton Greaves.

Frederick Sidney Correa is an experienced HR manager with a proven track record in creating and implementing HR strategies focused on profitability, talent development, and effective change management. At the age of 16, Frederick Sidney Correa represented India as a youth ambassador to the United Nations. Throughout his career, he has trained the human resource departments of hundreds of institutions and NGOs. In 2021, he featured in the list of India’s top 50 HR leaders.

Publishing house:

Notion Press