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Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai

Finding our ikigai, so we can live and work to our full potential

Ikigai is our reason for being, our life’s purpose, and it makes our life worth living. Everyone has their own ikigai, which motivates them to get up every morning, but finding it can be far from easy. In Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai: A Simple Seven-Step Programme to Win at Work and in Life, Frederick Sidney Correa and Frederick Savio Correa explain how introspection and self-discovery can help us find our ikigai. The authors provide many practical exercises and examples to guide the reader and keep us on track to self-realisation.

Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai
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Finding our ikigai allows us to discover the meaning of our life

Ikigai is a Japanese word made up of two symbols, which in English, when put together, can be translated into the meaning ‘a life worth living’. We all have our own ikigai, in other words, our raison d'être or purpose that makes our life worth living. In order to better understand this concept, it helps to think of sets or groups: our ikigai lies at the place where our passions, mission, vocation, and profession all meet. In other words, our ikigai is the reason we get up every morning. It is not always easy to pinpoint our ikigai, because realising what we really want to do with our lives usually takes time and a great deal of introspection. When we finally discover our ikigai, however, we will feel incredibly capable of pursuing our purpose. 

Our job is an extremely important part of our daily life. People usually work about 8 hours per day, and this is a great deal of time, especially when we consider that there are only 24 hours in one day, including the hours we are asleep. If we are able to find our professional ikigai, it allows us to have a more authentic and profound approach to our job, which gives us a sense of fulfilment when we finish our working day, and when we think about what we have accomplished in that time. It is often said that life is too short to go to work every day in a place that we do not like, or that does not fulfil our potential. However, it is also important to remember that it is highly unlikely we will ever have the perfect job, one which meets our expectations or priorities 100% of the time. So, in order to avoid becoming frustrated, we should write down a wish-list of job criteria that we are not willing to give up, and then find a job that ticks all those boxes. The list should not be too long, and we will have to make certain compromises along the way, but being aware of what we absolutely cannot give up helps us to stay on track.


The key ideas of "Enhance Your Employability with Ikigai"

Finding our ikigai allows us to discover the meaning of our life
In order to find our professional ikigai, we first have to know where we are right now
The search for a fulfilling job is like a marketing campaign in which we are the product
In order to find our professional ikigai, our job must reflect our core values
In order to discover our ikigai, we have to identify our career anchor
Once we know who we are, we then need to draw up a detailed plan of our professional development
Writing down all the steps we need to take to achieve our objective allows us to have a medium - and long-term vision of our career
Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to: focussing on our personal growth helps us stay on course
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