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Entrepreneur Revolution
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur Revolution

Adopting an entrepreneurial mentality to succeed in business and in life

Entrepreneur Revolution is written by the successful entrepreneur, Daniel Priestly, who delves into all the aspects of this new wave that is gradually changing our world and the way we operate in it. In this new age, full of opportunity and resources, companies are founded on people’s love and passion for what they do, and the clients they serve, as well as on the prospect of building deep and meaningful connections with the world around us. In this book, the author shares the secrets of becoming a first-time entrepreneur, the strategies to adopt in order to bring out our entrepreneurial side, a set of maxims to inspire us, the challenges we all need to face, and the most effective techniques to create products and services of real value. 

Entrepreneur Revolution
Read in 22 min.
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A new type of entrepreneur in an uncertain, yet exciting business environment

The Industrial Revolution shaped society as we know it today, and brought the blue-collar workers into a new position, in which their needs were considered before those of the office worker. Many people still live by the rules of this old system; rules that they themselves think are right, or that other people have decided are right for them. Meanwhile, however, things have moved on: the advent of new technologies has given everyone the opportunity to create anything, anywhere in the world, and above all, to work in areas they are passionate about. In an environment like this, there is an opportunity, and also a certain duty, for each of us to become entrepreneurs, so the old rules of the “permanent job” are replaced by self-affirmation and the expression of one’s own creativity. Today, in fact, more of us are leaving behind the old paradigm and stepping into the Entrepreneurial Revolution. This means that, in the coming decades, the business landscape will be made up of many entrepreneurs and lots of small “entrepreneurial teams”.

An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and takes action to turn it into a commercial success; and today there are more potential opportunities than at any other time in human history. An entrepreneur is not just the founder of a company, he is someone who makes things happen and who takes responsibility for its successes and failures, someone who creates value and who cares deeply about what he does and for the environment in which he operates. The revolution is happening right now; the nature of work, wealth and lifestyle is changing. In years to come, change will be the only certainty, and a person’s financial stability will not derive from standard contracts in standard working environments; it will come from our ability to adapt. If we want to succeed, we must become comfortable with change, take responsibility for our actions, and accept the challenges of this new age. The old rules that governed commercial success are now becoming obsolete; what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. So it has become essential for us to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to let go of the old rules, and replace them with new ones.


The key ideas of "Entrepreneur Revolution"

A new type of entrepreneur in an uncertain, yet exciting business environment
New rules to follow: work is not only hard slog and sacrifice
Silencing our most selfish and functional traits to emerge as entrepreneurs
Developing an entrepreneurial mindset requires daily commitment
The characteristics of the new entrepreneur: resourcefulness, reputation, vitality …and luck
Passion, value and profit to create a business that really works
Seven levels to conquer in order to play a leading role in the Entrepreneurial Revolution
The Small Global Business is the company of the future
The Ascending Transaction Model: building value for your customers
A professional workforce and a consolidated routine create an efficient team
Build a shared culture to unite values and objectives
The path to the Entrepreneurial Revolution: making a difference and putting ideas into practice
Take-home message
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