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Every Tool's a Hammer

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The creative process is much more than a simple sequence of operations that require certain knowledge and skills. It is a kind of magic, which allows us to start with simple materials, and transform them into something that had never existed until now. In Every Tool's a Hammer, Adam Savage tells us about his creative process, telling us his story, from playing with Lego as a child to his professional career as an adult.

Every Tool's a Hammer
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The importance of creating

Creating is part of human nature. Whether it's simple tools or works of art, man has always felt the need to transform the world around him, using materials and creating tools that allow them to be modified in some way. Creating, however, is much more than the physical act of transforming materials. Even dancing, cooking, cross stitching, and many other activities can be considered as creative processes.

When we feel the urge to create something, be it a physical object or something intangible, we are giving the world a part of ourselves, we are taking our ideas, our feelings, our experiences, and we are channeling them into something. We are adding something to our collective culture, which is nothing other than the whole of everything that we have created. We are giving the world something that didn't exist before, and that makes us creators.

Each one of us has something to give to the world, but it's not always a simple process. On the one hand, creativity allows us to give part of ourselves a free rein, it makes us strong. On the other hand, however, it lays us bare, makes us expose our vulnerability and our insecurities.

As human beings, we are inclined to want to socialise, collaborate, and share. Creating is a way of sharing our stories with those around us, and it is what makes us unique. It has allowed us to come together as a community, to evolve as a species, and to form the knowledge we have of the world around us. Simply put, it is the key to our survival.


The key ideas of "Every Tool's a Hammer"

The importance of creating
How to overcome inertia and start the creative process
How we can use lists to our advantage
Why it is important to recognise when to put a project on hold
How deadlines can help us stay focused
Why finding "our" way of working is the most important thing
Why it is important to share your experiences and knowledge
Take-home message

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