Evolve Your Brain
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Evolve Your Brain

The extraordinary influence of our thoughts on our actions

In his book, Evolve Your Brain - The Science of Changing Your Mind, Doctor Joe Dispenza not only explains how the human brain works from a purely neurophysiological point of view, he then goes on to explain, in clear, accessible language, how we can change our lives by changing the way we think. Reprogramming the way we think helps us get rid of any self-destructive habits and brings us closer to achieving our dreams and goals. His simple and straightforward approach creates a direct link between true human potential and the latest scientific theories in the field of neuroplasticity.

Evolve Your Brain
Read in 19 min.
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The way we think influences the body and human life in general: our thoughts can change the state of our body

For over seven years, Doctor Dispenza has studied cases of people who have experienced spontaneous remission and healed themselves from serious illness. These men and women who recovered without any kind of alternative or unconventional treatment, managed to heal their bodies independently, but at first glance, there was no behavioural factor that could explain their healing. Since this healing could not be attributed to any type of treatment that was carried out on the body, experts concluded that the brain had most likely triggered processes which had led to the patients' unexpected physical improvement.

In all those cases analysed by Dr Dispenza, the "miraculous" healing process shared the same coincidences. For example, those who experienced a spontaneous remission were convinced that a higher intelligence had settled in their body, and helped them heal; however, Doctor Dispenza believes that the same human intelligence which regulates all the functions of the body can also heal disease, when it is stimulated in the right way.

The way in which humans think ultimately affects the body, just as it ends up influencing people’s lives: there is an emerging field of science called psychoneuroimmunology that has demonstrated the connection between the mind and body.

In fact, thoughts have the ability and the power to change the internal state of the physical body: they are not just intangible entities, our feelings actually become physical, and influence the responses of the human body, and the reactions of those who experience them.

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a serious illness will be aware that they must do everything they possibly can to try and get better. Knowing this, many of these patients begin to contemplate and thoroughly examine what kind of people they have been up to that moment and what kind of people they would like to become. In doing so, they literally reformat their very being as well as their habits, creating a real and lasting change that helps them to evolve into the best version of themselves.

This type of focus and self-analysis can lead people to reach a sort of elevated level of consciousness when they meditate, in which they literally detach themselves from their body and the environment around them, aware only of their thoughts, to such an extent that these thoughts take on a key role in helping them to change.

Scientists are currently investigating how repeating our positive thoughts can strengthen neurological connections and affect the way the human brain works. In fact, applying the concept of plasticity, the brain reacts to our every experience, every new thought, and every new thing we learn.

We must think of awareness as what occupies the "bio-computer" that we know as our brain: it is like the electric current that makes a computer and all its programs work. The subconscious (or objective awareness) knows much more than any human thinks they know, even when they think they know everything.

When you can harness both active awareness and your subconscious, then you can change your "bio-computer", and make its operating systems evolve.


The key ideas of "Evolve Your Brain"

The way we think influences the body and human life in general: our thoughts can change the state of our body
Every area of the brain has a specific purpose and interacts with the other areas to ensure the functioning of the whole system
Buddha was right: “our thoughts make us who we are”
Intellect is what we have learned, wisdom is the fruit of our experiences
The mind has the power to change itself: its unharnessed power is immense
Stress is extremely harmful because it triggers a destructive set of survival mechanisms that are poisonous to our health
Changing the way our brain works means literally changing our future
The frontal lobe is also the seat of the essence of mankind: free will
Building a new mind starts with understanding the biology of the brain
The process of evolving the brain is only limited by your imagination
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