Extinguish Burnout

Rob Bogue, Terri Bogue

Extinguish Burnout



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There can be many causes of burnout, and its consequences can have negative, even serious effects on a person’s health and on their life as a whole. The term burnout indicates a situation of exhaustion and loss of stimuli, and is often connected to the working environment. Burnout can be avoided and we can actually come back from it, but how? In Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery, authors Rob and Terri Bogue set out a path to help us understand what burnout is, to recognise its symptoms and to develop the resources we need to prevent or come out of this condition. 

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Analysis and key concepts


Burnout leaves a person empty and impotent, as though a fire has ravaged their insides and left behind an empty shell


The bathtub model to help us take back our “personal agency”


Correctly evaluating your results and receiving support from others are key steps to avoid burnout


Self-care is essential to prevent and recover from burnout and it is the only one of the three sources that can replenish our agency, and over which we can have full control


Setting boundaries on requests and demands from others is essential to reduce the risk of burnout


Having a clear image of oneself allows us to break down our inner barriers


Resilience is an excellent antidote to burnout and it can be trained, even through failure


Having clearly defined objectives strengthens our resistance to burnout. Finding our life’s purpose allows us to increase our motivation


A healthy dose of stress allows humans to deal with imminent danger. Long periods of stress, however, consume our resources




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand what burnout is and how to release ourselves from its grasp.
  • Train your resilience, even through failure.
  • Learn to manage stress.

Rob Bogue is an entrepreneur, a consultant, a passionate speaker and a respected author of over twenty-five books on various subjects revolving around technology at work. Rob’s ability to simplify complex topics has earned him respect as a consultant on the subject of burnout. His consulting activities also extend to developing talent and to the management of organisational change.

Terri Bogue is a clinical nurse specialist with over thirty years of experience, and who is committed to the development of tools to improve health care for patients. She has written over twenty five books on issues related to the working world, focussing particularly on the subject of burnout. Terri’s experience in the research and analysis of burnout, in setting and maintaining boundaries and resolving interdisciplinary conflict puts her in a key position to understand how burnout begins, and consequently, how to prevent it.

Publishing house:

Society for Human Resource