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The wondrous and intricate balance of experiences, businesses and lives that makes up the human game is in danger: global warming and new, radical technologies could be the push that forces this game to play itself out. But all is not lost: we still have time to understand what the dangers are and where they come from, and to beat them with non-violent protest and renewable energies. The author Bill McKibben, activist and founder of 350.org, provides us with his explanation of how this works and some hope for the future in his book Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

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Analysis and key concepts


The infinite human game might be on its last round because of climate change


Nuclear power, the hole in the ozone layer and climate change are today’s horsemen of the Apocalypse


Climate change is damaging every aspect of the natural ecosystem of our planet


The roots of climate change reside in the egotism of the rich and powerful


Even the future’s elite seem disinterested in the collective wellbeing


We can still change the fate of the planet thanks to renewable energies and non-violence




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand the real reasons politicians and business people ignore climate change.
  • Discover the destructive dynamics behind the worsening of the state of our planet and the possible impact of new technologies.
  • Find the inspiration to take action and have new hope in renewable energies and non-violent movements.

Bill McKibben is an American activist, writer and environmentalist. As the founder of the organisation 350.org, he was one of the first people to bring the risks of climate change and global warming to the fore. In 2009, he led an environmental protest that saw over 5,200 people demonstrate peacefully in over 181 countries around the world, and this was the first of many. The many demonstrations he has organised, and the work he has done with 350.org, plus the books he has published, including several bestsellers (The End of Nature, Earth; Making a Life on a Tough New Planet and Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?) – earned him the Gandhi Peace Award and the Right Livelihood Award.

Publishing house:

Henry Holt & Co