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Fattore 1%
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Fattore 1%

How to improve by implementing small habits

Today, we are the result of habits adopted in the last five years, and in five years we will be the result of habits acquired today. Fattore 1%: Piccole abitudini per grandi risultati applies these criteria to explain that change is necessary and that making changes really is possible. To build a better future, we have to modify our behavior little by little: sustainable change over time is achieved by seeking motivation, but above all by acquiring habits that lead us, step by step, to the fulfillment of what we want to be.

Fattore 1%
Read in 11 min.
Listen in 13 min.

Change with the butterfly effect

To make a change, you often have to use the right resources to overcome resistance. The bigger the change we want to make, the higher the level of resistance we will encounter. According to the method of exponential geometrical change, changing by just 1% causes a butterfly effect that extends the change by means of a geometrical acceleration. It is like infecting a system with a virus: little by little it will take over the whole organism. It is a matter of drawing a blueprint for a new system of learning that will take lots of training to fully acquire.  Acquisition will become a habit that will easily be maintained over time.

Change is a personal choice. In the process of change, it is not logical arguments that play the main role, but emotions. When thinking about the behaviors we want to adopt or discourage, we first have to reflect on the emotions linked to these behaviors and get in touch with them.


The key ideas of "Fattore 1%"

Change with the butterfly effect
Definition of goals and advice on how to reach them
Establish the right mindset
The circle of habits: how to create it and how to break it
The help of feedback and measurable results
End the day well to start a new one
Take-home message
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