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Feel Great, Lose Weight
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Rangan Chatterjee

Feel Great, Lose Weight

Tips and tricks to help you lose weight for good

In his book Feel Great Lose Weight - Simple Habits for Lasting and Sustainable Weight Loss, Rangan Chatterjee creates a broad overview of the subject of weight and weight loss. Going far beyond the classic topics of strict diets that are hard to follow, and exercise routines that are difficult to fit into our busy lives, he examines all the possible aspects of being overweight, addressing them one by one to bust some of the false myths associated with it. In addition to this careful analysis he offers the reader a series of useful habits to help put his advice into practice.

Feel Great, Lose Weight
Read in 17 min.
Listen in 21 min.

People haven’t changed, but the world has

It is time we stopped feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, time we stopped blaming ourselves for the way our bodies look, and for our relationship with food. Having a different body to the vast majority of people is nobody’s fault: many men and women struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

When it comes to diets, there are many prejudices and even more false myths about how to lose excess weight, when in reality, being healthy requires applying just a few extremely effective, easy to follow techniques that can fit into everyone’s daily life. As society has evolved, our daily routines and habits have completely changed, and this is what has led to many people no longer having the time to take care of their health. 

Until a few decades ago, it was unthinkable that an average working day would be spent sitting at a desk, with people also suffering from lack of sleep, making it impossible for them to stay in shape. Humans are more tired than they have ever been, they are more stressed than ever, and many people struggle to eat home cooked meals regularly.

Every person is different and every body is different, but we can all change our body and our relationship with food thanks to the scientific discoveries that have been made in recent years.


The key ideas of "Feel Great, Lose Weight"

People haven’t changed, but the world has
There is no such thing as the perfect diet: we are all different
We need to be realistic: to lose weight we need to find a way to eat as little processed food as possible, to learn to eat things we enjoy, and which leave us feeling satisfied
Not only does sticking to a diet of “real” food help you lose weight, it also helps you feel better
A person’s value has nothing to do with their weight: beating yourself up will not help you achieve your goal weight
The importance of a good sleep routine
We should all exercise to feel better in our bodies, not just to burn calories
Eating a good breakfast can help you lose weight
Paying attention to what you eat is the first step to really tasting your food, which is likely to lead to you eating less
Being overweight is never a mere matter of willpower: our surrounding environment has much more of an influence than we might think
Take-home message
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