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Why is it so difficult to accomplish our goals? Too often our plans are abandoned before they can be completed, and the main reason is not the level of difficulty or the lack of time but it is perfectionism that gets in our way.  In his book Finish, Jon Acuff shows us how being perfectionists is a bad strategy because it makes us quit  our projects at the first sign of difficulty.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Avoid finding yourself starting projects and not finishing them.
  • Learn the hidden dangers of perfectionism and how to avoid them.
  • Learn a new approach that will truly enable us to achieve our goals.

The author of the book:

Jon Acuff is an American writer and author of six best sellers, to name a few: Start, Quitter and Do Over. He has been a story teller for over twenty years at big companies such as Bose, Staples and The Home Depot. He is very active on social media and millions of people from all over the world follow his blog. His commitment extends to the social sphere: he has helped build two nurseries in Vietnam.


We drop a lot of the projects midway because our enthusiasm wanes.

Many of the projects that we take on, both work and personal ones, never reach their conclusion. All too often, we begin the first phase with energy and focus, then our enthusiasm diminishes and we find ourselves abandoning our resolutions. For most people the first phase of any project, where they set their final goal, decide on a method, the timings and all the other details, is the easiest. After the initial phase comes the inevitable stage of stalling, which in most cases, leads to completely abandoning the project.
But why does this happen? Very often it comes from us, and it is all to do with our perfectionism.
Perfectionism makes us set impossible goals
Being a perfectionist could seem like an efficient trait. After all, who doesn’t want to excel in everything they do? The problem with this mentality is that perfectionism leads to mistakes that very often pave the way to a disastrous end of our project.
First of all, perfection makes us set goals that are far too ambitious. When we are drawing up a project, we get caught up in the enthusiasm of starting a new adventure, and this can mislead our perception of what is really possible.
Furthermore, being a perfectionist means not accepting mistakes and not tolerating imperfection. Yet making mistakes is an important part of any journey, because it helps us to learn and to improve, to redefine our goals in a more realistic way. Not admitting our mistakes can make us give up when we inevitably make one.
Finally, perfectionism means minimizing any achievement that is not absolute perfection, giving ourselves the feeling of failure even when we have made some progress.


The key ideas of "Finish"

We drop a lot of the projects midway because our enthusiasm wanes.
The most important day is the first imperfect day
How to dial down your perfectionism
Cutting our objectives in half can help us to achieve more
Pledge our time only to activities that deserve it
Fun can play a role in helping us to finish a task
How to identify self-imposed obstacles
Collecting and studying data can free us from our perfectionism
The three most common excuses for not finishing something
Take-home message

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